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Happily employed doing awesome things for Cabral Gold & Altamira Gold. Both Brazilian-focused on two of the largest placer gold belts in the world. Great teams doing great things and going to great places.

I learned quickly if you want to be successful; find a group that has done it before, has a good track-record & reputation, are focused and that want to see you succeed with them.

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Full Disclosure:

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Risks of Investing in the Junior Mining Space

You can lose 100% of your investment in this highly speculative and risky space. It is not for the faint of heart. It takes many aspects of a Company to succeed and even with the right recipe you could lose for an unforeseen or unavoidable reason. Why do you invest our time, energy and money into junior mining? You could also make unfathomable wealth out of luck, timing, due diligence, knowing the right people and being in the right deals. This space is a very capital-intensive business and as such some companies with the right projects, corporate values and connections can raise the capital needed to develop their projects and some companies can’t. It’s hard to know where each company lays on this spectrum and that’s why this is a high-risk but high-reward space.

Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions. To reevaluate your positions often and above all always be learning.

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